Poker Software

Weplay is here to make poker fun again

For sure, this is the smartass poker app that all free-minded players have been waiting for. The Europe-based WeplayNetwork is announcing a new generation poker app where players make the rules.

  • Players will be able to open private poker rooms and develop their poker communities using the Weplay App.
  • A wide selection of games is backed by Evenbet Gaming Software, the biggest standalone online poker provider and B2B MGA licensed.
  • Weplay App to launch early 2022 free of charge.

Weplay Network is backed by gaming experts and software developers with more than 20 years of professional experience. "We have been working in online gaming since 2001, developing poker platforms, playing poker, and networking," according to Weplay co-founder and CEO.

Rok Okroglič, Co-Founder Weplay: "We wanted to build a product that is missing in the market. It's hard to believe that something is still missing nowadays, but it is exactly the case in online poker. Poker apps offer poker games on mobile devices but often fail to support players in creating private poker rooms. This is exactly where the Weplay App steps in. We have created a true hybrid beast. Weplay Network combines the best of both worlds, big network liquidity, and the tailor-made private environment you have always wanted on your mobile."

Weplay App is currently in the pre-release phase. "Players from our network are testing the app and providing us with constructive feedback. We are in the final stage of polishing the nitty-gritty before we can launch a smooth, unique and uncompromised product."

The launch of the highly anticipated poker app is scheduled for January 2022.

Ambitious poker players will be able to work as affiliates or poker agents as the app serves as a private poker room for their invited players.

"It's also a great tool for anyone transitioning from live poker to online poker. We considered the needs of live poker organizers who are adjusting to the needs of poker players and want to launch events despite health and travel restrictions due to the pandemic."

But, most of all, Weplay App is the answer to all players that lost trust in online poker.

With the Weplay poker app, they can organize the game for trusted players only. "We made it as straightforward as possible to create a private poker table and occasionally sneak into a Sunday GTD tournament. It's the most flexible poker app in the market."