What’s New

Published: 29.8.2022

We all have been eagerly expecting our newest release and here is a short list of features and bugs that we have been working on. Hope you like it!

New Features

  • Minigames; Players can now multi-table between the poker and casino games.
  • Added 4 colour deck option
  • Added new card designs, both front and back
  • Improved the card design (bigger cards), from the player perspective
  • Added two days tournaments
  • Phase tournaments with tickets
  • Improved table free seat design
  • Improved country flags design

Bug Fixes

  • Random disconnection problems on the browser app and IOS
  • Switching between tables delay
  • IOS sound issues
  • Pot size bug on the PLO tables
  • Manual input of the bet amount
  • Auto Straddle checkbox

... And many more smaller bug fixes that we don’t want to bore you with. Let us know what you think! If we haven’t addressed any issue that you believe to be crucial, let us know. Speak with your WePlay Network representative and we will work on that.